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Bandag retreading process

The Bandag Precure Retreading Process

The excellence of Bandag retreads is a direct result of Bandag’s sophisticated and highly standardized Retreading Process. State-of-the-art technology builds accuracy and efficiency into every step of the Process.

Our constant search for technical improvement guarantees that fleets receive retreaded tyres that combine quality, reliability and safety. The Bandag Process actually restores the performance levels of the retreaded tyre to match those of a new tyre.

STEP 1: Initial inspection evaluates the safety of the casing

The eyes and hands of a tyre specialist are key tools in evaluating the future reliability and safety of the casing and grading it for the most appropriate application.




STEP 2: Non-destructive inspection checks invisible safety issues

Technology then takes over where human skills and know-how can go no further, using tools such as the Nail-hole Detector, the Shearographic Casing Analyser and NDI.




STEP 3: Buffing restores the tyre dimensions and a perfect balance

Buffing removes the worn tread, textures the surface and corrects any discrepancies in the circumference of the tyre.




STEP 4: Skiving and filling repair and save valuable casings

All damage to the tyre is removed and repaired to restore the original strength of the casing. Bandag repairs provide optimal reinforcement.




STEP 5: Building, adding a new tread and even more value

Next, cushion gum and the new tread are accurately and consistently applied around the circumference of the casing.




STEP 6: Curing secures the tread to the casing

The Bandag retread is then cured in a flexible envelope at a moderate temperature and pressure.




STEP 7: Final inspection checks safety and perfect appearance

To complete off the process, the newly retreaded tyre is returned for a final visual and manual inspection to ensure it meets all performance and appearance specifications.