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R249 - The new long haul coach bus tread from Bandag

Developed for passengers' safety and comfort With the R249 you can now offer coach bus operators a retread solution for the long haul. The R249 is specifically designed for domestic and international travel, resulting in excellent touring characteristics: a high degree of reliability and stability for safe driving in all conditions, low noise for increased passenger comfort, and of course slow wear for a longer tyre life - and that's what your customers probably will like to hear! The R249 is an all position tyre with a perfect appearance that lasts for a long time. A real gain to your list of Bandag high quality products!

The Bandag solution for long distance travel You can provide your customers with a tread that is hardly distinguishable from a new tyre, thanks to the mini-wing design.  But of course The R249 has much more to

  • Impressive mileage performance, up to 15% more than BZA.
  • Better profitability thanks to its lower tread weight.
  • A versatile product, mainly for long haul usage, but also for regional and city bus applications.
  • Low wear compound and special sipe design for excellent durability.
  • Speed rating M (130 km/h).

Although designed for a perfect fit with Bridgestone casings, the Bandag R249 treads can also be used to retread other premium brand casings. They are available in size 250 and will be soon available in sizes 220, 230, 240, and 260, allowing to retread the most common casing sizes used within this segment.

Based on Bridgestone's R&D! The new Bandag R249 all-position tread is taking advantage of the experience gained from the outstanding Bridgestone R249 new tyre, and exclusively incorporates similar technologies:

  • The groove fences, flexible partitions in the tyre's grooves, reduce the noise produced by air bumping, increasing passengers’ and driver’s comfort.
  • The Equaliser Rib™ Design helps improve uniformity of pressure distribution across main ribs, inhibiting initiation and spread of irregular wear.
  • The stone ejectors, small flexible elements on the groove bottoms, avoid stones from penetrating to the belts and help to eject stones, and therefore, improve the casing life.
  • Variable depth sipes give a higher density of siping in the tread as well as a high traction for improved wet performance, especially braking.

Make this new tread now available for your customers! The unique features of the new R249 will convince numerous coach bus companies. The Bridgestone engineers have again delivered an excellent job. Take  advantage of your dealership and be one of the few tyre specialists to extend tyre life for your customers in a durable and cost-conscious way, thanks to this premium tread that has the same design as the new tyre, with  virtually the same degree of reliability, safety and comfort.


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