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R192 - The new all-seasons city bus tread

Because a city bus is not a tour bus The typical stop-and-go driving characteristics of city buses and refuse collection trucks impose highly specific requirements on the tyres used for these vehicles. Bandag’s new R192 (E) tread is totally at home in an urban environment, with its many corners, constant braking, traffic lights and low-speed driving, making it perfect for scheduled service buses. These buses, with their low floor height and  no luggage compartment, are designed specifically for urban use - just like the R192 (E).

The perfect tread for a Bridgestone R192 casing The new Bandag R192 (E) is an all-position tread, based on the proven Bridgestone R192. The new Bandag tread design features the typical curved section of the Bandag ECL platform. This means that the R192 (E) retread is virtually indistinguishable from the corresponding  Bridgestone new tyre. But there is much more to this new Bandag tread than just its looks: its quality, reliability and mileage  performance are also similar to the original Bridgestone tyre.

Other specifications for the new Bandag R192 (E) include:

  • High mileage thanks to premium compound application.
  • The special compound and deep tread (19.1 mm) result in slow wear and superior mileage.
  • The product is available in sizes 230 and 240.
  • The speed rating is J (100 km/h).
  • The R192 (E) is suitable for most common tyre casings in this segment.


Bandag’s new R192 (E) retread solution will enable you to serve many more fleets by offering a reliable, high-quality combination of great tyre performance designed to fit into a crisis-friendly tyre budget!