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New Bandag BDM1 ready for the job

Veolia Belgium is active in the collection, sorting and recycling of waste. Veolia Belgium is part of the Veolia Environment, world leader in environmental services. The Belgium part of Veolia started as a family business and has a long history before the take over by the Veolia group in 2007. All 150 trucks, spread out over 6 locations, are managed at the Veolia Belgium headquarter in Vilvoorde.

According to Mr Verdeyen, Fleet & Container Senior Engineer Operations Division, there are 3 major cost elements involved in the management of their vehicles; diesel consumption, wages and tyres. Especially on the tyre management part, big savings can be achieved. To start all trucks are equipped with the same tyre size, 315/80R22.5. This simplifies the tyre management to a great extent.

Combination Bridgestone Bandag most cost efficient
Mr Verdeyen: “We used to buy cheap retreads. When I became responsible for the maintenance of our trucks and after performing some product evaluation, I found out this was not the cheapest option. The price/quality ratio is nowhere as good as with the combination of Bridgestone on steer axle and Bandag on drive axle.”

Two-monthly checks make the difference
To ensure that tyres last the longest possible and to avoid breakdowns, a strict tyre maintenance schedule is followed. The tyre specialist is checking Tyre Pressure ,Tread Depth and Condition on each vehicle once every two months. The same control is also performed internally each time a vehicle is serviced.

The result is that Veolia Belgium only has 2 to 3 tyre related breakdowns a month. An impressive performance, seen the demanding circumstances these tyres are exposed to. Initially the tyre specialist did controls only every 3 months, but a notable increase of breakdowns at vehicles that hadn’t been checked for more than 2 months, proved once again the necessity of these controls.

Choosing the quality combination of Bridgestone new tyres and Bandag retreads, together with a good maintenance plan is proving to be the way for Veolia Belgium to keep the tyre budget under control and to work as cost efficienty as possible.

New Bandag BDM1 ready for the job
Before a new Bandag tread is launched, it’s extensively tested all over Europe. Veolia Belgium participated in the testing of the new BDM1 – Bandag Drive Mixed.

“The BDM1 stands up very well to the difficult driving conditions and demonstrates a nice even wear. I saw very little impact of the doubtless many sharp objects that have crossed path with these tyres.” tells Mr Verdeyen. “The BDM1 also performs better in terms of mileage compared to the previous Bandag tread. That is why I’m looking forward to introduce the BDM1 to all our trucks.”


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